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Harmonia at Silo City

Sat, April 22, 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm, Silo City 120 Childs St Buffalo, NY

Harmonia performs beautiful music of the Medieval and Renaissance periods in the stunning acoustic of the silos!

Why the choice of Renaissance motets?  The period of the Renaissance is marked by an optimism based on the belief that “our uniqueness as human beings stems from our freedom to carve out our own values, projects and natures.” The music which Harmonia will perform at Silo City is drawn from this period in which man’s place in the “great chain of being,” visually imposing in the great cathedrals, is undergoing a radical change that will ultimately lead to the industrial era.

As Buffalo experiences its own post-industrial renaissance, and as a renewed optimism begins to fuel projects to enhance the Queen City’s future prospects, the Silos serve as a site for innovative art, music and theatre.  Pursuing its goal of furthering cross-border concerts and choral exchanges, Harmonia is delighted to be a part of an installation entitled Post-Industrial Ephemera: Soundings, Gestures and Poetics, uniting the creative energies of artists and students at Brock University and SUNY Buffalo.

Parking is open anywhere within Silo City.  Please be sure to dress warmly.
Refreshments will be provided after all performances.

Join us for this very special engagement!

Visit the event site here for more information on the art installation.